A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cube Cube is a fast paced, intense, arena style third person fighting game developed with Unity and everything you've ever desired in mind. And it's about cubes

  • Roll your cubes around a massive number of arenas
  • Dash, dodge, jump, and dive as you beat each other's cubes to a bloody square with realistic cube physics and super fine tuned movements
  • Play with up to 4 people, either against each other until one becomes victorious, or with each other to take on a massive horde of enemy cubes

Now, this game is not completed, or even close to being so. This is currently my initial release of the game. With keyboard and gamepad controls, music, a menu system, and three total arenas, this is a very early alpha of what the game will be. If the gameplay and concept is accepted and people tell me they like it, true development of this game will begin. Planned features will include

  • Multiple gamemodes - Capture the flag, king of the hill, whatever else people may suggest, and the obvious deathmatch
  • Teams - Fight with your friends on two or three evenly balanced teams, or take on 20 players at once because you're feeling brave
  • Online multiplayer - Every feature of the local game will be spread out across the internet, playing in massive armies, or just a little 1 on 1 duel
  • Cross platform support - You have a Mac and your friend has a Linux? No worries! Internet multiplayer will be cross platform, allowing you to play with anyone in the entire universe
  • Customized cubes - Upload your own texture for your cube. Give it an evil face. Make a pretty glitter trail to follow it around. It's a cube
  • (Possible Idea) More shapes - Different shapes with different stats. Balls move faster, but have lower attack. Pyramids can't move very fast at all, but are sturdy as a rock. The possibilities are endless!
  • Straight up looking better - There's not much to this one. It would look a lot better overall than it does now

If you have questions, criticism, ideas, or anything at all to say to me, message me at nerdofthebasement@gmail.com. I will work to reply as soon as I can! And enjoy!

Published Apr 26, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions


  1. Open the zip from the download. It should have CubeCube_Data, CubeCube.exe, and CubeCube.app
  2. If using Windows, take CubeCube_Data and CubeCube.exe to your desktop, then run CubeCube.exe. For Mac, do the same but with CubeCube.app


  1. Once the game is opened, you can click Options to bring up a setting to change the graphics quality, or to change keybindings
  2. To change keybindings (you can't actually change keyboard keybindings yet) click which binding you want to change, and it will tell you to press what input you want for that keybinding

To attack ingame, jump and then dash before you make contact with the ground or walls


  1. To start playing, click Play from the main menu
  2. When you press any input on a controller or the keyboard, you'll see a panel for a cube change color from black, that means that controller or keyboard will control that player in game
  3. You can test out your controls on this screen by moving your cube around on the panels
  4. To change gamemode, click the button in the bottom left. Endurance is the singleplayer/co-op mode, where you fight AI cubes. Last Cube Standing is multiplayer, you can enter it with one cube but it won't work
  5. If you selected singleplayer, just press Start and after 10 seconds an AI cube will spawn in the center of the forest and begin to chase you. If multiplayer, you can select with map you'd like before playing (there's only two)

CONTROLS (Xbox gamepad default):

  • Movements - Left stick
  • Pause - Start
  • Jump - Left shoulder
  • Dash - Right shoulder
  • Camera - Right stick

CONTROLS (keyboard default):

  • Movements - WASD
  • Pause - Esc
  • Jump - Space
  • Dash - Shift
  • Camera - Arrow keys


CubeCube V0.1 299 MB